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Discover the transformative power of ancient tantric massage practice blended with modern neuroscience to heal intimacy and love wounds.

Elevate your sexuality beyond the ordinary.

About Julia

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Julia of Chiang Mai Tantra in Thailand is a professionally certified tantric bodyworker with 8 years of experience, offering one-on-one sessions for women, men, and couples in Thailand.

Her primary goal in her private sessions, retreats and events, is to provide an integrative approach to healing sexuality, intimacy, and love.

Julia works on multiple levels, addressing the body through therapeutic tantric massages, the mind through somatic psychotherapy, and the soul through tantric transmission, as well as training in these areas.

Her utmost concern is the safety and well-being of her clients through the process, ensuring they gain a transformative experience and an understanding Tantric power.

The aim is to incorporate the experience into the your daily life, ensuring that the spiritual aspect integrates with your everyday reality instead of being a one-time event.

Julia can effectively assist in releasing sexual trauma and creating new pathways to embrace your sensuality, confidence and sexuality.

Tantric Offerings

Tantric Massage

For Men

tantric massage chiang mai

Julia's sessions for men are designed to assist them in expanding their sexual potential, which is a potent instrument for pleasure but also for overall well-being, including accessing a sense of empowerment and authenticity.

Julia specializes in Tantric massage, therapeutic pelvic floor, and prostate massage to support clients with various issues, including ED and PE. The sessions vary in length and can be conducted with clothing on or off.

Tantric Massage

For Women

Julia offers sessions for women, including full-body tantric awakening massage, yoni massage, therapeutic pelvic floor sessions, and trauma release sessions.

The yoni massage sessions help women reconnect with their sexuality and innate sensuality, to reach a sense of fulfilment within their body.

These trauma healing sessions provide a safe, clean and supportive environment for women to heal their sexual and intimacy wounds.

Private Training,

& Events

tantra workshops

Julia offers private Tantra training and conscious sexuality sessions for couples who want to explore new ways of deepening their intimacy, including how to give authentic tantric yoni and lingam massages to each other.

Julia will guide you through fun communication games and exercises that will enrich your knowledge and skills as sexual partners, offering an full immersion experience, where you can freely express yourself and explore the depths of your sensuality.

Transformative Healing

Through Tantra Therapy

Julia is an experienced tantric bodywork practitioner, somatic therapist, and sex coach with 7 years of experience in Tantra, psychotherapy, and trauma therapy. Her own healing process, coupled with her professional experience, prioritizes clients’ safety and nervous system health. 

Julia‘s approach is gentle yet transformative, combining spirituality, neuroscience, and ancient tantric practices. She is particularly skilled in working with clients who have a history of trauma or experience difficulties in the areas of intimacy and sexuality. If this is you, you can book below.

Notice Time

Please provide us with at least one week notice for bookings.


15 minute consultation to confirm that Tantra is for you.

Location in Chiang Mai

Exact location will be provided upon booking.


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